Deirdre, princess of Glennmara, is attempting to deliver a ransom for her brother when the ship she is sailing on is captured by the pirate Alric. Deirdre attempts to hide the ransom and disguise herself but her trickery is soon discovered.

Alric instantly dislikes Deirdre, yet kept together by the close confines of the ship, soon finds himself married to her. This is done to protect her from the brother-in-law who wants not only her, but her husband's kingdom as well. This growing complication could mean that Alric will have to choose between his wife and his fortune. Will he make the right choice?

While the writing is skilfull, the story appears to simply be Maire (Oct. '00) in Deirdre's clothing. From her forceful opinions to her courageous adventures, much of it seems, for this reviewer, a repeat of the first book. (Mar., 350 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston