There's humor and a little sadness when beautiful prosecutor Vicki and handsome defense attorney Nick square off in a case eight years after their idyllic love affair and engagement ended. The humor comes when they both consistently lose their professional edge in
the courtroom. Instead of the judge being angered, however, he finds it
quite entertaining.

There is no doubt that this power couple is still highly attracted to one another, despite their fire and ice combination. Nick's temporary move to Chicago is only to win Vicki back and make her his wife. Nick knows she's worth it and is willing to fight for her.

Overton's title takes on special meaning the deeper Nick and Vicki get into their current case. It will prove Nick's loyalty and help Vicki determine whether
or not to trust him again. There are some excellent secondary characters, including Nick's sister, who has remained Vicki's best friend. Another character readers will delight in is
Big Mama, Vicki's grandmother—a woman who tells it like she sees it.

This touching, entertaining
and romantic read is enhanced by Overton's strong characters. (Aug.,
320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor