If you’ve got a tough job, call in the Sisterhood to get it done. You didn’t think they were going to accept those presidential pardons and then sit on their laurels, did you? Michaels’ long-running series never disappoints and the ladies’ latest adventure will keep readers turning the pages into the night.

The women of the Sisterhood are bored. With their immunity firmly in place, the ladies are leading calm and peaceful lives. Happily, they’re presented with the opportunity to finally deal with Henry “Call me Hank” Jellicoe, the man who nearly maneuvered them into disbanding as he took a run at the seat of power. When the president runs out of patience with the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security’s combined inability to run down her number-one enemy, she turns to the Sisterhood for help in taking out this murderer. As usual, despite their looks, money and charm, the vigilantes take on the case with a ruthless viciousness that has even the hardened feds shaking in their shiny shoes. (ZEBRA, Jan., 365 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan