Image of Deja Vu


Image of Deja Vu

DEJA VU (4) by Lisa Childs: On the trail of a killer, FBI agent Alaina Paulsen at first suspects bestselling author Trent Baines. Trent bases his books on murders that took place 30 years earlier — murders he remembers because in a past life he was either the killer or the cop who hunted him down, and Alaina is none other than the woman both men loved, reborn after her murder. But Alaina’s re-opening of the cold case has set off a copycat killer, and she and Trent must work together to figure out who’s recreating the 30-year-old crimes. While the romance between Trent and Alaina happens a bit too quickly, it’s understandable given that they were married in a past life. Déjà Vu is well-written and suspenseful and will keep readers guessing until the very end. 


Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay