Kellie Delaney and her twin brother, Connor, are extremely close. When his wife died during childbirth, Kellie moved to be closer to Connor and help raise his son, Danny. However, a mere four years later, tragedy struck again. Connor has been murdered because of his job as an undercover agent for the British Special Forces.

Kellie fears that Connor's death is going to be recorded as an unfortunate occurrence and no justice will be done. She decides to look into the matter, but all she can find is the name Tom Whelan. When she locates Tom, instead of finding a link to her brother's murder, she meets an intriguing man— one who makes her feel again.

The characters in THE DELANEY WOMAN make for highly entertaining reading. Kellie is a strong female, which compensates for the slightly less compelling scenes that focus heavily on politics. (Jun., 384 pp., $ 6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer