Dr. Rhea Lynch returned home after a weeks vacation to discover that life had changed while she was gone. Her best friend, Marisa, had been a vibrant, loving woman. Now, after only a week away, Marisa is in a virtually vegetative state, the result of what appears to be a stroke.

Marisas husband, Dr. Steven Braswell, has cut off contact between his wife and her family and friends, keeping her home and practically a prisoner.

Rhea sneaks in to check on her friend and becomes determined to discover what happened to this woman who was like a sister to her. Her resolve is strengthened when she returns to work in the emergency room and her very first night back sees a patient whose symptoms are remarkably like those of Marisa. Rhea begins collecting information secretly, trying to piece together what has actually been happening in her small South Carolina town.

It quickly becomes obvious that someone wants to keep Rhea from discovering anything. Her house is ransacked and attempts are made on her life, but nothing will stop her from helping Marisa.

Ms. Hunters exciting tale, told in first person, pulls readers into a strong womans fights for friendship. Her heroine is well developed and inspirationalnot in her perfection, but in fighting through her weaknesses. (Jun., 394 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson