Artificial intelligence personality Turing Hopper, who lives in a computer, applies her super processing skills to another case in the third novel of Andrews' series. When human pals Tim and Maude are hired to look into the mysterious death of hacker Eddie Stallman, Turing delves into the case with the help of Maude's camera-equipped laptop.

Their investigation moves slowly. Maude sorts through the deluge of papers and books in Eddie's office while Turing tries to crack into his computer network. Eddie's business was hosting websites, and it seems some of the unsavory friends who used his server may have been up to no good. Turing and Maude find pornographic sites and e-mail spam scams while Tim searches for which of Eddie's friends could be behind the crime.

Then the FBI gets involved, and Turing thinks she's finding secret messages from her clone, T2, who was kidnapped in a previous installment. But there's more to be unearthed here, and these secrets could have deadly consequences.

Turing remains an original, fresh sleuth, and the sentient being becomes more human-like with each novel. But this story stalls amid all the time Maude and Turing spend looking through stacks of paper and computer files. Sorting through paperwork is about as fun to read about as it is to do, and the action doesn't come until late in the story. Readers might do well to read the previous novels first to get the full story on Turing's evolution. (Nov., 256 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino