Image of Delia's Shadow


Image of Delia's Shadow

Turn-of-the-century San Francisco is as much a character as any other in this historical paranormal fantasy. Victims of the city’s famous earthquake and the tortured souls of a demented serial killer roam its streets, even though only main character Delia and medium Isadora can see them. While the high-society characters at times feel flat (the bohemian Isadora being an exception), the plot and pacing of the novel help it along as the mystery begins to unfold.

Delia Martin has given up trying to outrun the ghosts who haunt her and has returned to her hometown of San Francisco just in time for her best friend’s wedding. But one ghost in particular — the ghost she calls Shadow — won’t let her ease back into her old life. Instead, Delia feels compelled to track down a serial killer who has resumed after years of silence. Even the handsome police detective Gabe has no choice but to partner with Delia and use her gift to hunt down the killer that has eluded him and his retired detective father for years. (TOR, Sep., 336 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Lindsey Galloway Senway