After making quite a splash with her sparkling debut, Zebra rising star Jenna Jones bursts into full bloom with a warm and vibrant love story that will make you sigh with delight.

It is time for Justin Mayhew, Earl of Stonegate, to marry and provide an heir for his blue-blooded title. And although it will only be a marriage of convenience, the highly principled lord decides to break off his connection with his mistress. She does not take it well, and it is with great relief that Stonegate departs the premises and stands on the corner waiting to hail a hansom cab.

As the tired cabbie slowly makes his way toward the aristocratic gentleman, two figures spring out of the dark with deadly intent. Although Stonegate puts up a valiant struggle, it is only through the intervention of the cabbie that the earl lives to tell the tale. In gratitude, he hires his rescuer to provide transportation on a permanent basis.

Little does the earl know that the cabbie is not what he seems and that together they will face both danger and destiny.

Ms. Jones excels at creating irresistible characters readers will eagerly welcome into their hearts. A keeper that will bring new pleasure with each reading, this delicious Regency romance is a treasure indeed. (July, 256 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer