Image of Deliciously Sinful


Image of Deliciously Sinful

Here is a culture clash between vegetarians and meat-eaters and there doesn’t appear to be any compromise on the menu. Nothing comes together in the story and there is not enough sustenance to give it any heft. Beyond the sex, which is all over the map, there is very little to draw the reader in.

Phoebe Mayle inherits an organic restaurant from her aunt and uncle. Since she can’t even boil water, she hires Nick Avalon, a five-star chef. His résumé is quite extensive, but his personal life is a mess. Nick knows that he needs to re-establish his career in this smaller venue. Meat becomes the bone of contention between them, but they do try to make adjustments and the restaurant begins to thrive. As Nick’s changes bring the restaurant to new horizons, he decides he also wants more with Phoebe. With his past liaisons, is Nick a viable choice for Phoebe? (FOREVER, Dec., 329 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis