The second entry in the Ladies' Amateur Sleuth Society series is a delightful, fun, fast-paced mystery. You'll truly enjoy watching DeHart's engaging characters solve a crime while bantering and falling in love.
Best of all is seeing that for as smart as they are, the ladies are clueless when
it comes to love. This one is as delicious as any of the chocolate confections created in the family's factory.

An independent thinker, Meg Piddington is not only a member of the amateur lady sleuths, but determined to prove to her father she's competent at running the family's confectionery factory. Which is how she comes to be locked in one night with Gareth Mandeville, one of their employees.

When Gareth is accused of stealing intricate chocolate boxes, Meg can prove he's innocent. But if she tells the truth, she will be compromised and they will be forced to marry. To avoid this, Meg enlists the society's aid to establish Gareth's innocence. But it's far more dangerous to her heart to be working side by side with Gareth than it is catching the thief. (Avon, Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin