Like a storyteller of old, Jillian Hunter weaves a spell over her audience. In this tale, the leader of retired pirates strives to be a gentleman and Scottish laird, while a princess needs a pirate to save her country.

Until recently, Douglas has been known as the Dragon of Darien, a fearsome pirate. Now he has inherited a dilapidated Highland castle where he awaits his half-brothers betrothed, Princess Rowena of Hartzburg.

Rowena knows all about The Dragon. She has spent years studying his history. He is just the man she needs to rescue her father and save her small principality from a band of rebels. Her only problem is to convince Douglas to stop acting noble and be the ruffian she desperately requires.

The more Douglas attempts to win Rowenas respect and sizable fortune, the more annoyed she gets. While his band of men are building a replica of his ship, the Delight, they try, but fail, to behave like servants. Finally, Douglas decides to reveal his identity, even if it might frighten Rowena away.

When the opposite occurs, the daring hellion of a princess becomes Douglas saving grace and the redemption he has been seeking.

DELIGHT is, well, a delight. Funny, touching, sexy and tender, this is Jillian Hunter at her fairy tale best. Somehow she has found a way to create stories that speak to the nineties woman, but sound like a fairy tale of old. SENSUAL (Jan., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin