Benedict Hadley, Viscount Fitzhugh, wishes to prove his worth to his father. This involves checking on his troublesome cousin Letellier. Soon, duty is battling desire. His cousin's lady, the widowed Lady Esme Iddesford, could tempt the pants off a saint and has many a nickname, including Lady Notorious. Although equally intrigued by Benedict, Esme must hold off exploring a possible relationship with the rumored playboy for a number of reasons. In the interim, Benedict learns it's not selfish to chase happiness. Glenda Garland's A Delightful Folly (4.5) boasts tremendous characters. Esme's "in name only" liaison with Letellier is a fresh twist to an overwhelmingly poignant romance. (Mar., 256 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor