Named for her unusual mother, Delilah Smiths life has been anything but ordinary. Shes had to grow up tough and strong in the Washington State wilderness and after the death of her husband she is ready to build a new life and find her long lost brothers.

Then Canadian Mountie Simon Oakes comes into her life, wounded and in need of her care. Delilah does not know that Simon is searching for a young, ruthless killer whose description matches that of her brother.

Their growing attraction does not stop Delilah from accompanying Simon on his search for the wanted man. Determined to prove Simon is wrong, yet hoping she will not lose his love, Delilah sets a course for herself that will not only bring her the love and adventure of a lifetime, but allow her to bring her splintered family together.

It is the wonderful characterizations in DELILAH that make this one of Cait Logans most finely-crafted novels. These memorable characters leap from the pages to capture your heart as you become absorbed in their fears, triumphs and loves. SENSUAL (Mar., 336 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin