Image of Delirious


Image of Delirious

A man whose life appears to be golden watches his world fall apart as his job, his family and his very life are threatened in this top-of-the-line thriller. All the evidence points to a brilliant man who’s snapped and the carefully laid plot is going to have readers twisting and turning into the night to get to the final pages in this mindbender of a book.

In a quick reversal of fortune, Charlie Giles becomes the prime suspect after his former employers are murdered. Charlie’s sold off his start-up company to a Boston firm, where he now works and is treated like a VIP … until it all goes wrong: his inventions are appropriated, his family is targeted and, unfortunately, all the clues lead right back to Charlie. After a while, even Charlie isn’t sure whether he’s the victim or the perpetrator. (KENSINGTON, Feb., 384 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper