Image of Deliver Me


Image of Deliver Me

Quirky humor and a charming hero make Rochon's debut novel attractive reading. Colorful characters create
a down-home appeal that will make readers feel the warm welcome typically indicative of the South. Cute dialogue enhances the story and helps to move the plot along. Set against the backdrop of New Orleans, post-Hurricane Katrina, this novel captures the true essence of a town struggling to get back on its feet.

Living in the shadow of a musical prodigy sister and a genius brother, Monica Gardner has always had a hard time getting noticed -- until she discovered her purpose in life, serving the public as an emergency room physician. When she makes the transition from her native St. Louis to New Orleans she doesn't expect smooth sailing.

But a fender-bender on her way to work, and nearly being run over by a speed demon were in the cards for her first day. However, she then meets super doc Eli Holmes, and looking into his mesmerizing eyes suddenly makes the rat race well worth her while. (Leisure, May, 340 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton