Image of Deliver Me From Evil


Image of Deliver Me From Evil

Monroe engages immediately and masterfully uses the first-person point of view and flashbacks to tell this rags-to-riches story. Don't look to this author for a formulaic story with characters you easily champion. This is truly a phenomenal account of duplicity,
double-crossing and karma.

Christine is grateful that her husband, Jesse Ray, rescued her from a life as a poor, sex-crazed and love-starved teen. But even though she lives in luxury now, she's still unhappy. And when J.R. moves his greedy family into their home, Christine's thoughts turn to her first love: a thug named Wade. But her plan to use Wade to fill the void created by J.R.'s alienation backfires. Even Christine's estranged parents sense the evil cloud around her. (Dafina, Sep., 320 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton