Image of Delusion in Death


Image of Delusion in Death

Biological terrorism is stalking New York residents in the newest installment of Robb’s extraordinary In Death series. While the main plot is diabolical and chilling, what makes this book really compelling is having Eve Dallas make progress dealing with her past. After so many books, these characters feel like family, which makes their adventures resonate all the more.

A simple decision to have an after-work drink becomes a fatal mistake for nearly 100 people when they are exposed to a deadly biological agent that causes hallucinations, rage and paranoia. For 12 minutes after exposure, all the customers at the On the Rocks bar murderously turn on one another. It’s all hands on deck as Lt. Eve Dallas, Peabody, Roarke and the gang try to make sense of events. Although the bar is owned by Roarke, the attack doesn’t feel targeted at him. Summerset provides the first clue that this toxin could date back to the Urban Wars — and this attack may only be the beginning! (PUTNAM, Sep., 400 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith