Image of Demon (Fallen (Pocket Books))


Image of Demon (Fallen (Pocket Books))

The second in gifted Douglas’ (aka Anne Stuart’s) edgy and engrossing Fallen Angels series takes on the mythology surrounding the much-maligned Lilith. In Douglas’ distinctive world, humanity is in terrible danger from power-mad archangel Uriel. Her use of first- and third-person viewpoints accentuates the emotional isolation of her damaged protagonists. The power and pain present here makes for spellbinding reading!

Following the murder of his beloved wife Sarah, fallen angel Azazel made it his mission to track down the demon Lilith and kill her before a prophecy regarding their bonding could come to pass. But once he found Lilith, Azazel could not destroy her, for she has no memory of who she is. Rachel Fitzpatrick has huge gaps in her memory, but she certainly thinks she would know if she was the ancient demon seductress Lilith. Azazel spared her once, but the second time he arrives is more ominous, for the Fallen need her ancient knowledge of where Lucifer is imprisoned. The Fallen must reach Lucifer before Uriel does, or humanity is doomed. (POCKET, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith