George combines evil otherworldly creatures with wise-cracking heroines for an entertaining read. George’s sense of humor is evident, but on occasion veers off into slapstick that does nothing to further the plot. Nevertheless, this story should please those looking for a light paranormal with hunky warrior heroes and spunky southern ladies.

Small town Hannah, Ala., is rife with trouble-making demons, half-human demonoids and other paranormal creatures. The demon-hunting Dalvahni brothers, Brand and Ansgar, are still in town and have fallen for best friends Addy and Evie. However, Evie doesn’t remember that she and Ansgar were an item — before he killed her to save her from demon possession, and then brought her back as a not-quite-human. When Evie is framed for the murder of her old high-school nemesis, she and Ansgar come together again to find the real killer. (BRAVA, Aug., 368pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan