Image of Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar


Image of Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar

Clever, fast-paced and sexy as hell, George’s third adventure set in Hannah, Ala., is a steamy, heartfelt treat from start to finish. With fantastically detailed settings and a cast of quirky, sassy and wholly believable characters, including some genuinely unsavory villains, this story succeeds on all levels. Though there are some cameo appearances by characters from previous books, newcomers and longtime fans alike will be laughing, cheering and swooning in equal measure over this sensational addition to a fantastic series.

Beck Damian’s bar has always been a place where all are welcome. This includes her employees, who are a pretty diverse bunch themselves — from a troubled zombie to a piano-playing ghost to the worryingly handsome Connall Dalvahni. Connall is a demon hunter who is reportedly searching for a demonoid weapon with unspeakable power, but he also appears fascinated by Beck. The two of them share some sizzling heat, and maybe something more, but a demon hunter and a half-demon have no chance at love — right? (BRAVA, Feb., 320 pp., $9.95)
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Bridget Keown