Image of Demon Hunting In Dixie


Image of Demon Hunting In Dixie

This book suffers from too much of a good thing. George is clever, witty and has quite a sense of humor. Unfortunately, the story is crammed with too much snappy dialogue, too many odd characters, too many high jinks and not enough plot. If you are looking to catch up on slang terms for body parts and sex or “Southernisms” — try this book. If not, maybe George’s next offering will be toned down some and worth checking out.

Small town Hannah, Ala., is infested with demons, and one of them is after Addy Corwin. Addy is saved by Brand, a flaming-sword-wielding Dalvahni. Even though he’s a centuries-old warrior from another dimension, Brand is looking pretty darn good. Soon, Addy, her introverted BFF Evie, Brand and Brand’s arrogant brother-in-arms are working to keep the town safe from demons. Throw into the mix a talking dog, a flying cat, a psychic aunt, a matchmaking mama and a body that escapes from the funeral home and things are hopping. (BRAVA, May, 384 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan