Image of Demon Hunts (The Walker Papers, Book 5)


Image of Demon Hunts (The Walker Papers, Book 5)

In the fifth book in the charmingly readable Walker Paper series, Joanne Walker learns a bit more about herself and her past, reunites with an old teacher and generally kicks ass and takes names. As usual, the supporting characters are memorable, especially the not-so-geriatric septuagenarian Gary, the local police chief Morrison and her transvestite partner, Billy Holliday. The story is readable enough, but it’s really the characters and their relationships that are the main attraction.

Having proved that she can handle wayward gods and the walking dead, Seattle police detective Joanne Walker thinks she can manage just about anything. But when a series of cannibalized human bodies show up, she realizes she may have met her match. Joanne’s growing shamanistic skills are no match for the increasingly hungry and desperate wendigo, a spirit lost in the cold, but to her great delight someone she believed to be gone from her life forever returns, and together they are able to do their best to save themselves and their city. (LUNA, Jun., 416 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs