Image of The Demon King and I


Image of The Demon King and I

It's always a blast to jump into one of Havens' paranormal tales. They typically combine offbeat humor with high-octane adventure. The first chapter in this fun-filled new series is told through the eyes of the oldest of four party-loving, world-saving sisters. They will kick your butt and look good doing it!

Raised from birth to be Guardians, Gillian Caruthers and her three sisters have been endowed with special powers that allow them to fight specific groups of supernatural beings. Gillian's gift is super strength, which comes in handy since her job is to battle encroaching dimension-jumping demons from Maunra.

Killing demons is what Gillian does best, but killing is not on her mind when she meets the sexy new king of the demons, Arath. A pair of vicious murders is only the beginning as Gillian and Arath discover both their worlds are under attack by unknown dark forces. As their attraction continues to gain strength, however, any budding feelings must take a backseat to saving their worlds. This deadly group is powerful and very dangerous. (BERKLEY, Nov., 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith