Image of The Demon in Me (A Living in Eden Novel)


Image of The Demon in Me (A Living in Eden Novel)

The Living in Eden series starter is funny, sexy and completely entertaining. Rowen writes charming, believable and seriously funny heroines and then weaves a dark tale of intrigue around them. Watching Eden resolve her internal conflicts while struggling to stay alive and manage her attraction to the demon that possesses her is just magic. Can't wait for more! It promises to be
a fantastic series.

On her first day as a "psychic consultant" for the local police, Eden sees a serial killer gunned down in front of her. She watches as black smoke slinks from his mouth and slams into her. Moments later she begins to hear a voice inside her, a demon named Darrak. After a failed exorcism, Eden promises this seemingly "nice" demon she'll help him remove a curse put on him 300 years ago, if he'll help her manage her romantic life with the sexy detective, Ben. As they struggle to find a way to release the curse, Eden must learn to live with the sexy demon inside her.

Darrak is torn between wanting to keep his promise and help Eden with Ben, and wanting her for himself. Her psychic energy makes him strong enough that he can take human form during the day, and it's not only made him feel indebted to her but it's also made him more human, less evil demon. (BERKLEY SENSATION, May, 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton