Image of Demon Mistress (Otherworld, Book 6)


Image of Demon Mistress (Otherworld, Book 6)

It's vampire sister Menolly's turn to describe the action in the newest
chapter of Galenorn's continuing Otherworld adventures. Galenorn's trick of having each successive book told from a different D'Artigo sister's perspective keeps the series fresh while still moving the over-arching plot forward. As always, she delivers intriguing characters, intricate plot layers
and kick-butt action!

While cleaning out rooms above her bar, Menolly discovers items left by a former elf bartender who supposedly returned to Otherworld. Most interesting is a diary that suggests the elf had a stalker and foul play may be involved. Menolly, Camille, Delilah and their allies are called out when a strange new demon attacks the fae and begins sucking out their life-force.

But this is no ordinary demon; it's something that hasn't been seen for thousands of years. Adding to their collective problems, a secret human society may be trying to aid the demon lord Shadow Wing in his horrible quest. (BERKLEY, Jun., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith