The superbly talented duo, Cathy Clamp and C.T. Adams, hits a new high with this apocalyptic thriller. Thankfully, even with the pulse-pounding action, Adams never loses sight of the importance of character development, as Celia and her cohorts are brought vividly to life. The Blood Singer adventures are always money and time well spent!

Part-vampire/part-siren, yet emotionally human, bodyguard Celia Graves is still facing the fallout from her deadly battles with a demon and a siren queen. Adapting to her evolving powers is a challenge, and Celia is going to need all her skills and more to face the newest threat. An ancient rift between dimensions that was sealed during the destruction of Atlantis is reopening. If it is not closed, this gap will allow demons to flood the world and enslave humanity. To stop this apocalypse, Celia will need assistance from a variety of individuals and groups — several of whom she no longer trusts! (TOR, Mar., 384 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith