Image of Demon's Bride (Hellraisers)


Image of Demon's Bride (Hellraisers)

Archer returns for the second installment of The Hellraisers series, featuring a group of men who have sold their souls to the devil for various powers. Leo Bailey is a highly intriguing hero, and Archer’s skill at building layered characterization grounds the story and adds to the peril facing her protagonist.

Born a commoner, Leo Bailey has been determined to rise in wealth and power and seek vengeance on those who considered themselves superior to him. Through a bargain with the devil, Leo has the gift of foresight, which has made him rich. Now he just needs a blue-blooded bride to gain access to the ton. Anne Hartfield is the daughter of an impoverished baron, and she knows Leo is her best shot at marriage. Neither of them expects the intense attraction between them, both physical and mental. Just when Anne starts to realize she is falling in love with her husband, she is approached by Lord Whitney, a former member of the Hellraisers with a devastating warning: Leo’s soul is doomed unless Anne can find a way to save him! (ZEBRA, May, 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith