Image of Demon's Fire (Tales of the Demon World, Book 3)


Image of Demon's Fire (Tales of the Demon World, Book 3)

Holly continues to push the boundaries of love and desire in her latest installment in the Tales of the Demon World series. While the romance revolves around a love triangle and possible menage relationship, Holly develops her characters and their individual relationships. In doing so, she crafts a story with heart, heat and characters you care about. It's not necessary to have read other books in the series to appreciate this one, but that will enhance your pleasure. Holly's latest shows why she's an automatic buy for many readers.

Prince Pahndir Shan has been exiled from Yamish society. Once a slave to the desires of others, he now runs a brothel in a human city, selling desire and fantasy while searching for someone to fulfill his own erotic yearnings. He meets Beth and Charles, who are on the brink of exploring their own desires. Soon, the trio enters into a relationship that allows them all to explore their secret fantasies. They must confront their own past hurts, guilt and the interference of others if they are ever to find total fulfillment with each other. (Berkley Sensation, Apr., 326 pp., $14.00)
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Devon Paige