Image of Demon's Kiss (Wings in the Night, Book 1)


Image of Demon's Kiss (Wings in the Night, Book 1)

Summarizing the plot and relationships between the many characters is impossible, but fans of Shayne's Wings in the Night series will drink this one up. Others may feel in the dark. While the hero is compelling , he gets lost in the crowd.

Working alone has kept the vampire Raphael Rivera, aka Reaper, alive for a long time. When he's summoned to kill rogue vampire Gregor, he doesn't anticipate changing that. Until he's forced to turn Seth Connor, the human he's protected for years. Suddenly, he's part of a team -- and it's growing daily, with a human, Roxy, and a vampiress, Topaz, then a shapeshifter rescued from Gregor's clutches. Can this small band take Gregor and his legion of zombie-vamps down? They'd better, because the alternative isn't pretty! (MIRA, Dec., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer