What Samantha Neely would like to do is kill Sloan Talbott. Instead she saves his life.

The Neely women leave their home for California armed with a deed to a house sent to them by the girls' wandering father, now missing. Sam, her mother and two sisters find themselves the only women in a mining town; a town owned by Talbott. And he doesn't need a red-headed, freckle-faced, rifle-totin' female sashaying around dressed like a man.

Sam and Sloan come together like sparks to tinder. Infuriating man that he is, Sloan challenges Sam at every turn. Instead of concentrating on who is trying to kill him. Talbott spends all his time thinking about Sam. He offers her a bargain; he will help look for her father in return for a night in her bed. He soon discovers one night is not enough.

Sloan devises a plan to keep Sam in his bed permanently. But when his perfidy is discovered, Sam's faith is shattered. She is in love with this irascible man, a man who does not want the darkness of his past to imperil the life of the woman who puts joy and love back into his world, and who can lead him into the brightness of the future.

With laughter and tears, DENIM AND LACE will keep you turning the pages of this exceptionally well-crafted novel_a very special keeper from a super talented author. VERY SENSUAL (July, 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin