Morgan’s second Getting Physical novel is utterly unconventional and wonderfully smart, demolishing readers’ expectations with zany, deeply sympathetic characters and a charmingly irreverent style. Most memorably, though, she has arranged one of the most unlikely matches of the year between a man sorely in need of redemption and a gutsy, warmhearted marvel of a heroine. Their chemistry and frequent clashes make for a refreshingly different, irresistible kind of romance that longtime fans and new readers alike will devour.

Gretchen Badgerton may not be like many other women in Pleasant Park, with her myriad tattoos and her devotion to roller derby. But, like every other woman in town, she can’t help but swoon over the irascible and irresistible Dr. Jared Fine. Despite having been in Pleasant Park for some time, Jared still feels like an outsider and a fraud, haunted by his past mistakes. But when Gretchen stops to help Dr. Fine with a flat tire, Jared finds a woman whose tough, feisty exterior hides a heart of gold — and who sees right through him and doesn’t turn away. Can Jared convince Gretchen to make a new future with him? (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown