Voodoo rituals and other paranormal phenomena run rampant in a small establishment known as Devil's Talon. Alonso, Lucius, Leonardo and Raife are four hot-blooded vampires who have one thing in common: they seek to find their life mates.

Alonso's inner voice leads him to psychic and tarot card reader Jolie. Will the cards reveal that they are destined to be together for all eternity? Lucius' roguish lifestyle can only be contained by Tala, a werewolf. Will their love be strong enough to break the curse threatening to tear them apart?

Erin O'Connell watched helplessly as her family was slaughtered by an evil vampire. Eight years later, she vows to seek revenge. But Leonardo's soulless eyes somehow managed to penetrate deep into her heart.

French-Creole witch Yvette casts a spell to bring her soul mate to her side. Raife is spellbound by her beauty and mystified by her charm, but will the magic be strong enough to keep the two united?

LaCroix's unique ability to wrap each character tightly around readers' hearts makes this magnificent collection of paranormal tales 2004's best yet. Catch up with these four irresistible creatures of the night in this new trade-paperback repackaging. (Nov., 126 pp., $12.50)
Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley