Desert Heat starts with a wonderful quote from The Book of Counted Joys and gets better with every turn of the page. Rocket scientist Kate Matthews is accosted after attending a scientific conference by greedy William Allen. Dr. Allen wants to garner teleportation information that Kate's ailing father has spent a lifetime developing.

After the confrontation Kate flies home and is preparing to leave Tucson International Airport when she overhears a conversation between deputy marshal Rafael Grant and his no-show sister, whom he's waiting at the airport for. Kate mistakes Rafe for a terrorist! However, upon learning her mistake (Kate belts him in the nose!), Rafe insists she escort him to the hospital.

Sims writes wonderfully real characters and amazingly weaves in a touch of science fiction without detracting from the lives and love of the characters. While working with her father to accomplish his work on teleportation, Kate rediscovers her love of physics. DESERT HEAT is a very funny and exciting romance! (Sep., 285 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims