Patience Sinclair is looking to finish up her Ph.D. thesis and find a little adventure. Traveling with barrel racer Shari Wills on the rodeo circuit provides both. Patience's thesis is on women of the west, past and present, so following Wills on the rodeo circuit gives her a unique opportunity. Patience is also glad to have a reason to leave Boston, as a persistent ex-boyfriend is turning into a frightening stalker.

Dallas Kingman is World Champion All-'Round Cowboy and devastatingly attractive. However, Dallas and Patience's early dustup leaves them circling each other warily. Dallas is concerned about his uncle Charlie Carson, whose Circle C Rodeo is suffering from a run of bad luck. As the accidents become more severe, the concern grows. Then the unexpected arrival of Patience's stalker adds a new layer of concern. Is the Circle C or Patience the target—or both?

The second Sinclair sister has her shot at adventure and excitement in Desert Heat. The always-amazing Martin does an excellent job portraying life on the road and behind the scenes of this truly American pastime. This is a book filled with drama, passion and adventure! (May, 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith