THE DESERT KING'S HOUSEKEEPER BRIDE (3) by Carol Marinelli: Sheikh King Zakari of Calista has to find the missing diamond that will bring his island together with Aristo, so they can unite as the Kingdom of Adamas. The search has been fruitless, so he goes on a retreat to the desert with novice housekeeper Effie in tow. They become lovers, and when Effie dons a necklace that her mother gave her, she thinks it's costume jewelry, but Zakari sees it's the missing diamond. Effie couldn't be happier when they wed quickly, but the bubble is quickly burst as the truth is revealed. Still, she's not the only one in for a huge surprise. Effie is terrific, but it takes some time before Zakari becomes a worthy partner. The result is a satisfying conclusion and a promising thread for some new stories.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers