Image of Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin


Image of Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin

DESERT PRINCE, DEFIANT VIRGIN (3) by Kim Lawrence: When Prince Tair Al Sharif visits his cousin Tariq and his cousin's wife Beatrice, he's dismayed to see that Tariq is being overly attentive to Beatrice's friend Molly James. He's certain that the two are having an affair right under Beatrice's nose. Tair takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps Molly. To show her true colors, he tries to seduce Molly -- only he's the one in for some big surprises! The story rests on the flimsiest of plot points, and the hero isn't shown in a very good light. But it gets interesting halfway in, when the heroine shows she's no doormat and an explosive and dynamic relationship develops.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers