Timeless author Elizabeth Lowell takes this opportunity to expand, revise and rename Summer Thunder, the first romance novel she wrote.

At 22, model Holly Shannon North is the face of the Royce Reflections collection. Using the professional name Shannon, Holly is instantly recognizable worldwide. When a new photo shoot gives Holly the chance to return home to Hidden Springs, CA, she faces the prospect with both hope and trepidation. Years earlier, young Holly's life was shattered when her parents died in a car wreck and she moved to NY to live with her Aunt Sandra. Besides the life she had known, Holly also left behind her first love, Lincoln McKenzie.

If there is one thing Linc McKenzie hates and distrusts, it is beautiful women in the modeling profession. Linc was scarred at an early age by a neglectful and abusive mother, and his image of women further tarnished by the behavior of his model stepmother. When Linc first glimpses Holly in her Shannon persona, he doesn't recognize the girl he loved and treats her viciously. But when a dressed-down Holly encounters Linc out in the desert, the embers of their love roar quickly back to life.

Holly risks antagonizing Linc with her efforts to help his teenage sister Beth make the most of her looks. Despite their deeply passionate love, Linc's blind prejudice may destroy any chance for a lasting relationship.

DESERT RAIN is a prime example of why Elizabeth Lowell is one of the premier romance authors in the business. Fans are always guaranteed a rich, rewarding reading experience. (Sept., 409 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith