Image of The Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife


Image of The Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife
Tilda Crawford was madly in love with Rashad, the crown prince of Bakhar, when she was working in London and he was attending Oxford. He seemed equally taken with her, until he dropped her with no explanation. Now, five years later, Tilda finds out her mother owes Rashad a large amount of money, and he threatens to evict her family from their home. Rashad takes her to the Bakhar desert, where he publicly acknowledges her as his woman, which means they are now considered husband and wife. Will this be a marriage of love or convenience? Rashad is an intriguing mix of magnetism and vulnerability and, matched with Tilda, they're an electric pair. Add in secrets and lies from the past and Lynne Graham's The Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife (4) is a winning read.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers