Image of The Desert Spear: Book Two of The Demon Cycle


Image of The Desert Spear: Book Two of The Demon Cycle

Book two of the Demon trilogy continues the extraordinary story of a larger-than-life reluctant hero -- a fantasy that transports readers to a dark and dangerous world of demons. Well-drawn characters, fascinating worldbuilding, action and conflict make for an exciting page-turner.

Savage demons arise when the sun goes down and only ancient wards offer protection. Legend tells of a Deliverer who once defeated the corelings, but now they've returned. Arlen Bales, who watched his father cower in fear while his mother was killed, learned to fight. Now his body is covered with tattooed wards and he's known as the Warded Man.

Another man comes out of the desert, leading an army of demon killers, and proclaims himself the Deliverer. But the Northerners claim the Warded Man as their Deliverer. These two men were once friends, but now they are enemies. And out of the night comes a new enemy -- a demon more deadly than any other. (DEL REY, Apr., 608 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski