This installment of the author's Windworld series is action packed, with plenty of emotion, some excruciating physical abuse and an excellent example of the power of love. The Arabian Nights flavor and the truly cross-cultural love story make this a captivating tale.

Mistaken for a specific healer, Princess Sitara of Kishnu, a healer in her own right, is brought to her people's enemy, Prince Ardalan. Unable to deny her healing instincts, she cares for his wounds and those of his men. In return, Ardalan insists she become his wife, ensuring safe conduct for her and his men to the coast, where they may escape back to their land of Asaraba.

The acceptance by both of their love comes just as a cruel betrayal tears them apart. Sure that Ardalan is dead, Sitara refuses to return to her home and moves to Oceanian. But appearances can be deceptive, in more ways than one. (, dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley