From the instant master builder Rhys meets the beautiful woman her selling pottery in the market, he is enchanted. Later, when he sees her in the stocks, punished for her employers shoddy work, he comes to her rescue by confronting her master. Before long, he holds her papers of indenture.

Life had dealt Joan a bitter blow, leaving her no choice but to become an indentured servant. But she vows to destroy those responsible for her familys ruin.

Joans determination to defeat her enemies tests Rhys growing love and pits them amid dangerous political intrigue with the queen and Roger Mortimer.

Realistic details that make the reader feel they are truly living in the 13th century enhance a story of love that knows no bounds; not social, political or economic barriers. Ms. Hunters knowledge of the period and her ability to create three-dimensional characters who interact with history makes her an author medievalists will adore. SENSUAL (Jan., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin