From the beginning to the end, this book feels rushed and off-kilter. The one-night stand lacks any meaningful
connection, and it seems like the only thing holding these characters together
is an outward attraction. The lusty
language keeps you turning the pages, but it lacks the emotional depth to make Karina and Cooper feel like a positive match. A pregnancy scare only adds to the melodrama. Karina is an enjoyable character on her own, but coupled
with Cooper, they fail to become a pair to root for.

Karina Woodson not
only owns her own web-design
business, she also works in the
gift-wrap department of a local
store. That means she has no time
to fall in love, let alone meet Mr.
Right. When an unexpected flirtation
in an elevator with Cooper Tolson leads to an even more erotic one-
night stand, Karina is left feeling
alternatively anxious and ecstatic.

Cooper, meanwhile, can't believe the passion Karina ignites in him. He wants to make it last more than just a night, but does Karina want the same? (, dl $4.45)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Wethern