Trendy and wisecracking, Dallas O'Connor is a delightful sleuth. Ms. Green, an insider in the Texas fashion world, has created a hip, believable scenario that will amuse and entertain.

Texas fashion stylist Dallas O'Connor gets the chance to work on a fashion shoot in Seattle. The requirements for the job are a bit odd — they stress that she must be athletic, with skydiving experience. Still, Seattle is cooler than Texas in the summer.

Trouble soon arises when a top male model crashes his car off a bridge, and an investigation shows that his death was no accident. Rumors soon fly that somehow, the Mob is involved with the company making the suits. When another woman dies, Dallas starts investigating, only to find that the next accidental death may be her own.

(Jul., 288 pp., $5.99 - Hardcover published June 2001)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg