Georgette McNamara is an up-and-coming clothing designer who has been in love with her boss for years. Georgie is aware that Stefan Soultanakis views her as nothing more than an asset for his designing firm. When he asks Georgie to spend the holidays with his son while he is away on business, she at first refuses. When she agrees, she wonders if she's lost her mind.

Stefan's business keeps him away from the son he loves; he decides to marry a second time, even though his first wife left bitter memories behind. He is determined to remain emotionally distant. When his beautiful assistant designer strolls into the annual Christmas party, he denies the attraction he feels for her but cannot help but admire the carefree and loving attitude that makes Georgie unique.

Tricia McGill's delightful tale has all the key ingredients of a true romance: the characters are real, the conflict is believable and she delivers the type of ending that all romance lovers hope for. (Dec., 223 pp., $10.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith