His espionage duties bring Lucian Treymayne face-to-face with his own immortality, and he decides its time take a wife and beget an heir.

When Lucian sees the bewitching Brynn Caldwell he desires her, but Brynn wants no man, for she is afraid to love. She tells Lucian of the old Gypsy curse that was passed down to the females of her family. Any woman who is irresistible to the man they love will cause the mans death.

He does not believe in the curse and wants Brynn for his wife. She cannot in good conscience deny her family the monetary settlement the Earl proposes, so they marry. Though they share great passion, Brynn guards her heart for fear of being the cause of Lucians death. Will Brynn sacrifice herself to save Lucian and end the curse?

Ms. Jordan writes a page-turner. DESIRE is a sizzling romance filled with just the right amount of danger and a large amount of passion. Keep those fans nearby as Ms. Jordan rises on the list of authors who give you a hot read. SPICY (Nov., 332 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond