Image of Desire's Edge


Image of Desire's Edge

When a good girl looking to be a little bad runs into her teenage crush, lives are about to change. Berlin’s got a knack for tight plotting and hot sex. A truly erotic romance that will keep readers squirming as they race toward the pitch-perfect climax.

Dante DeMatteo had beaten up a boy in high school who’d been manhandling Kara Crawford and then left for college. When a surprise reunion at a mutual friend’s house throws them together, the heat between them flares to life again and they wind up in bed together. The sexually dominant Dante is thrilled to find Kara’s fantasies dovetail with his own. As their desires draw them closer, though, their fears of a relationship may drive them apart, unless they can accept the pleasure — and the pain — of love. (HEAT, Sep., 304 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper