Gently bred Angelique Duhon feels the power of Alejandro de Bastitass sensual look before she sees the fire in his eyes. She does not understand the feelings that make her long to be in his embrace, nor the reason behind her mothers hostility toward the bitter, angry, yet devastatingly handsome Alejandro. She should hate him for toying with her heart when he is betrothed to her cousin; instead, she gives herself up to his caress.

Yet when her carriage is attacked by Comanches, it is Alejandro who boldly rescues her and drags her to safety. Angelique and Alejandro become locked in a fierce love-hate relationship until their smoldering desires finally erupt into blazing passion. Only then are they able to forget the dark secrets of her fathers betrayal and his need for vengeance.

DESIRE AND SURRENDER is a powerful novel not just of forbidden love, but of a love so strong that it breaks down every barrier that stands between Angelique and Alejandros lasting happiness. Ms. Sutcliife has filled the pages of her passionate tale with historical facts about the Texas War for Independence, the Comanche, and the Spanish lifestyle. DESIRE AND SURRENDER is loaded with emotion. Love, hate, bitterness and betrayal all intricately combine to make the story more powerful without losing any of its passion. VERY SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin