Image of Desire Becomes Her


Image of Desire Becomes Her

With her powerful storytelling voice and her ability to build sexual tension into a romance filled with memorable characters, revenge, murder and secrets, Busbee turns this spin-off of Rapture Becomes Her into a stand-alone, fast-paced winner. Classic Busbee!

Lucian Joslyn has amassed a fortune as a gambler. One night he comes upon the wreck of a phaeton and aids the injured, elderly Silas Ordway. Visiting Silas, days later, Lucian meets Gillian Dashwood, Silas’ guest. Luc finds Gillian to be quite fetching, even if rumors claim she murdered her husband. Horrified by her overwhelming attraction to Luc, Gillian takes an instant dislike to him. With every visit Luc can’t help but want her more. Caught in a compromising situation, they are forced to marry. Though Gillian vowed never to wed again, she and Luc find happiness. But there is something she is hiding that could destroy her newfound love — and a ruthless villain who wants to see her dead. (ZEBRA, Jul., 384 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond