Image of Desire Me


Image of Desire Me

DeHart enlivens the genre with her Legend Hunters series centering on sexy, daring treasure hunters and the alluring women who tame them. With slight fantasy overtones and wild escapades, this is one great ride of a read.

Long ago, Maxwell Barrett uncovered a map of Atlantis and is obsessed with finding the lost continent. Sabine Tobias, a descendent and guardian of Atlantis must see the mapto decode a prophecy. She wagers Max for the artifact and loses, but she gains his interest. Even if she has to seduce Max, Sabine will find a way to read the coded prophecy; her people’s lives are at stake. As Britain’s generals are murdered one by one it also appears England and the Queen are in danger. As they join forces Max and Sabine find they must unmask a killer and decipher the prophecy’s riddle or their love, their lives and their world will be destroyed. (FOREVER, Jun., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin